Gosling vs. Little Girl Me

by nadine on October 22, 2009

ryan guitarDead Man’s Bones at The Opera House

A year or so ago, I sat at my piano in a rather melancholy state and pondered my life as it compared to the dreams I had as a little girl. It was not a completely pleasant experience.

I dared to wonder what the little girl version of myself would think of the woman she becomes. How would I tell her that those daydreamed benchmarks have yet to be met? That those milestones have yet to be lived? Essentially, my night boiled down to a simple lyric that kept looping over and over in my head: “How do I tell that little girl that she grows up to be me?”

The two Nadines have since reconciled. We’re friends. And I’m content. Excited for the future. And not bound by dreams no longer relevant.

But this past Tuesday, I was excited for the 15-year-old Nadine who used to stay up late on Friday nights to watch Breaker High reruns. I wanted to run back in time and whisper in her ear that in 11 years, she would be in the same room as Ryan Gosling, listening to him croon about death.

She would have been so excited. I think I did her proud.

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