Party Like Harry Potter

by nadine on July 14, 2011


I’m finally starting the seventh (and final) Harry Potter novel. I was on a roll pre-mono, but it’s been difficult resuming the routine of bedtime reading.

I’m back.

I’ll be done HP in time to watch the final film next weekend. That’s my goal, anyway. (Or at least it’s Matt’s goal for my life.)

I’ve decided that Matt and I are pretty much Ron and Hermione. But we’ll grow up to be Marshall and Lily. And then turn into Phil and Claire.

Yes, he’s the fun one with boyish charm. Yes, I’m the uptight control freak who wants to be right but rarely is. And, yes, we high-five.


If I were the sort of person to host a Harry Potter party, these would be on the menu:

golden snitch butterbeer cake popsGolden Snitch Butterbeer Cake Pops. Too much awesome.

Man, I need to start hosting parties. Stat.

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