Winona Forever*

by nadine on October 29, 2011

Winona Ryder turned 40 today. This isn’t really a big deal. At all. But when I read the news, the warm-and-fuzzies took over. She was probably my original girl crush.

Little Women

When I was 11 years old, I watched my favorite novel (in the whole wide world) come to life on the big screen. Thus began my Bale obsession and Ryder crush.

I still identify with Jo March, the writer who “marches” to a slightly unconventional beat. (Someone asked me about my job-security strategy the other day. Would I consider going the full-time-with-benefits corporate route? Just for stability? Um, no. Because I like my soul and have no intentions of selling it.)



In high school, I bought my first fashion magazine, an issue of InStyle with a Winona feature inside. There she was, in all her pixie-haired glory, modeling gorgeous vintage dresses from her own collection.

I STILL want this:



Also in high school, I’d sit on my bedroom floor and sketch. I sketched this Allure cover. Because…those EYES.


Kevyn Aucoin

The above Allure magazine introduced me to Kevyn Aucoin, the makeup guru who taught me how to “make a face.”

He did this:


And this:



This is Winona modeling in an Elle magazine spread — THIS YEAR. She’s still smokin’. Even after decades of literally smoking.

Frozen. In. Time.


Happy birthday, Winona. Thanks for being Spock’s mom.

*Johnny Depp has had a “Winona Forever” tattoo on his arm. When they broke up, he had it altered to say “Wino Forever.” How droll.

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