Awesomeness: A Valentine’s Tradition

by nadine on February 15, 2012

Last Valentine’s, Matt and I went to the zoo. Then Matt got distracted (by me) on the ride home and missed our turnoff. So we ended up in Brampton for dinner. And we stopped by his grandparents’. They had been married for 58 years at the time.

I left their house that night inspired by a love story. That is what Valentine’s should be about.


This year, Matt came over on the 13th to cook me dinner: Duck Confit.

We ate fancy-and-AMAZING food — Tip: saute shitake mushrooms in duck fat if you want your date to love you forever — sipped wine, nibbled at dark chocolate and watched a little Jack Bauer.


The next day, we picked up our marriage license.

And Matt renewed his passport. So he can take me away…somewhere.

(And then the passport-photo lady told me that Matt is “very handsome” and that I should “watch out.” Because I’m pretty, but he’s “VERY handsome.” With another “very.” Yes, this is true. Still…STAY AWAY FROM MY MAN.)

We don’t really consider ourselves “Valentine’s people,” but we’re pretty good at making it awesome.

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