Blogging: Back At It — I Hope

by nadine on February 6, 2012


So…I haven’t blogged in approximately forever. I’m not dead. I promise.

Life is busy. And while I haven’t been writing here, I’ve been typing like a madwoman every single day…while preparing for a wedding and, more importantly, a marriage.

Invitations are in the mail. THAT was a two-month adventure.

My first dress fitting is booked. I have shoes. We even have favors.

My passport has been renewed.

We have our wedding bands.

And we have a joint bank account.

There’s no going back.

Not that I would EVER want to.

Engagement kinda sucks, people. I’m over it. I just want to marry Matthew. Now.

My brain says, “I’m totally already in this for life.”

My heart says, “I’m totally already in this for life.”

Life says, “Too bad, Nadine. HE’S NOT YOURS YET. Now go worry about ribbons and table configurations. And what are you going to do what that hair?!”

Le sigh.

Since we don’t live together, I must resort to Vimeo-stalking Matt. Because that’s a totally sane and healthy thing to do while researching ceremony readings, right?

(Actually, the video is super-new. And super-cool. And I’m looking for an excuse to show it off. I don’t actually cyber-stalk him. Not on a regular basis, anyway.)

Watch my favorite drummer do his thing below.

Yes, I still swoon.

Ten weeks!

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1 Amanda February 7, 2012 at 5:29 pm

Welcome back!

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