Hanson: A Pleasure, But Not a Guilty One

by nadine on February 15, 2012

Well, I can cross this off the bucket list:

Hear “MmmBop” performed live.

Last Friday night, Beth and I saw Hanson at the Phoenix.

Read her account here. Many of our thoughts are similar. Because our brains are awesome.

Before I begin, I would like to emphasize that:

  1. The show was sold out.
  2. There were boys there. Straight boys. Who were there willingly.
  3. It rocked.

There was this pure-joy kinda groove going on that made me want to drop the writing gig, brush up on my keyboarding skills, and hit the road with a drummer, guitarist, and cute merchandise.

And I decided that Hanson is no longer a guilty pleasure. They are a proud pleasure. They should be mainstream. They should not have 1997 held against them. Instead, we should be applauding the band that has been on the road for 15 years, selling out venues, and turning out infectious pop hooks on a very consistent basis.

Their “greatest hits” takes about two hours to get through. Seriously.

You should want to be them.

I would like to point out that their brand of soul can totally groove WITHOUT A BASS. Like, whoa. (I would link to the official music video, but I feel like I’ve done that approximately 8 billion times. It’s that good.)

Also, did you win a Grammy when you were 14? For a #1 song YOU WROTE? (I could barely rhyme “there” with “care” at that age.)

This was one of last night’s highlights. Here’s the link to the official video. I embedded the poor-quality video from the actual show because I want you to HEAR THE CROWD. (Beth used the word “magic” here. I approve.)

There. I refuse to be defensive anymore. Or in the Hanson-fan closet.

I bought their newest album. Because it’s not on iTunes in Canada. Nor is it in stores. And I felt guilty for downloading it. And because all three Hanson gentlemen have kids — I bet you feel old now, huh? — and I want to make sure the Little Hansons can go to college one day. Yes, I care about these things.

Let’s take them seriously. Now. Okay?

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